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The Robillynians is my personal project with no direct input from L, R or I, but with luck will lean on "Full Minutes Sixty" (2022), which itself is basically my story of...
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...a long trek to civility.

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Water models can preserve civil life: how the pachyderm in the room becomes Panacea. 

The Robillynians

Robillynians is a fanciful name for a certain James family, a kind, often rational, enterprising  and gentle, occasionally adventurous, fun bunch. Eighty millennia ago, evidently, the Robillynians' ancestors, together with everyone's, thrived in Southern Africa, near the Drakensberg; much later, a millenium ago, their forebears were in Northern Europe, especially Scotland, but now this bunch live in Canada, having come via South Africa (near the same 'berg - yeah, it's confusing).  Some related scribblings may soon be found here, time and energy permitting...

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